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Meet The Round Mountain Girls

Rex Carter

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At an early age he showed a predilection for banging things. As he got older he developed a fascination for music and would spend hours drumming along on whatever was at hand to the wonderful new sounds coming from Liverpool in England via the family's Bakelite radio.

When he left school and got a job, with his very first pay packet he made a beeline to the local music shop where he put down a deposit on a drum kit with a finish that looked like melted butter and vegemite.

All those years of drumming on imaginary drum kits meant he could already play (sort of).

Not long after that he auditioned for 'Waves', an acoustic, harmony band in the tradition of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young who were very popular in Auckland at the time. They were selling out concerts and had an album which was getting lots of airplay. They had decided to add a drummer and get a bit more electric.

Despite his inexperience and competition from just about every drummer in town, Rex got the job and so joined his first band.
His first gig with the band was a concert on a Friday night at The Maidment Theatre, a 500 seat theatre in Auckland University. This quickly sold out as did a second concert on the following night. (A very young Neil Finn was in the support band for these gigs) The band was then booked to support Maria Muldour in the Auckland Town Hall on the Sunday.
These were Rex's first ever gigs! He was sought out by newspapers for interviews, there were accolades, recognition, sold out gigs and lots of interest from record companies. This probably accounts for his somewhat unnaturally large and wobbly head which remains to this day.

A few years later (now living in Australia) he was given a reality check. When he auditioned for 'The Angels' he was told; "don't call us we'll call you". Somewhat deflated he travelled north.

Standing on the eastern most point of Australia looking west towards the mountains he felt a strange calling that was to change his life forever.

The events surrounding that day are a blur. One moment he was standing on the beach at Bogangar the next he was a captive, the plaything of the mysterious women of Round Mountain. Why he was not discarded after a few days is a mystery. He had obvious rhythmic tendencies but having played in a popular band in the 70's he was most certainly not a virgin.
On that tumultuous day when the virginal ones made their escape from the cave he had crept unnoticed out of the shadows and followed them down the mountain.

For several years he eked out a living teaching others the art of drumming and playing in various cover bands until he was summoned to replace Bill, the original drummer who retired, exhausted, worn out by the wildly fluctuating, relentless and ever increasing tempos of the bands music.

Now he was home.

Rex Carter


Hi Rex

Have I found the lost cousin ?


blurb of: Lorraine Walters (nee Goodman)

Hi Rex….it was lovely to meet you in Tamworth. Such a good festival where everyone gets along and we can all suspend real life for a week! Hope you are O.K. with the floods. Catch up with you next January! (Keep those shirts wet..). Cheers, Annie.

blurb of: Annie B

Hi Rex,
We met in in Mona Vale some time ago. Can you please call me on 0412-469893?

blurb of: Udo

Nice playing tonight at Beerwah,,

blurb of: Toni
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