Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
24-04-2015 , 20:00

Southport Sharks

It's getting bigger all the time!!!- Yeee HAAAA
25-04-2015 , 16:00

Hotel Brunswick

Brunswick Heads
ANZAC Day at the Brunz. Who will play with us this time...there's always a surprise in store.... the hippest pub in the Universe
02-05-2015 , -

Wintermoon Festival

Nr Mackay, QLD
This is probably one of the coolest little festivals you'll find. That's why we're going back. Friendly, friendly people and a great line-up. Love it!!!.... we command you to be there.
03-05-2015 , -

Wintermoon Festival's cool.
14-05-2015 , -

Leftys Old Time Music Hall - Brisbane

Details to follow
30-05-2015 , 20:00

South Tweed Sports -

This was huge last time...can't wait for this one. Support act to be announced.


20-06-2015 , 19:00

Broadbeach Country Music Festival - Mall Stage

Gold Coast
Cracking line-up all day. We're closing the Mall was huge last year- expect it to be bigger this time round. Might struggle to park your horse so get the bus or new fangled trolley car.