Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
27-12-2014 , 7:30pm

Cherry Street - Ballina

68 Cherry Street Ballina NSW 2478
This will be our first time out in Ballina since race'd be great to catch you all there again. We love the Ballinese. First outing at Cherry Street. Yup hee haa.
22-01-2015 , tbc

Tamworth CMF- The Albert- Main Stage

The Albert...massive...huge...enormous...yee haa.

The Buckleys will be our special guests.  

23-01-2015 , tbc

Tamworth CMF- The Albert- Main Stage

This is traditionally a riot...dancing, fun and frivolity. Get there early
24-01-2015 , -

Tamworth CMF- The Albert- Main Stage

We'll be filling our 10 gallon hats with 11 gallons of love to give you all before we head home.
24-01-2015 , 11:00

Toyota Fanzone - Bi- Centennial Park

This is an all-time classic place to play to a country music audience...the last Saturday of the festival in Bi-Centennial Park on a great stage to a gathering of music savvy, festival goers. We've waited a while to snag this one and cannot wait.
26-01-2015 , -

AUSTRALIA DAY - GC Arts Parklands

This will be truly, awesomely, australiatastic