Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
26-01-2015 , 15:00

AUSTRALIA DAY - GC Arts Parklands

This will be truly, awesomely, Australiatastic
31-01-2015 , 20:00

South Tweed Sports - with Quatro

If you haven't seen Quatro, they're worth the free entry fee alone...4 fantastically talented young musicians who will start the show and then join us on stage to bring the bands average age down to 103. Should be epic.


27-02-2015 , 18:30

Miami Marketta

Rabbit and Coccoon
First time was very cool...second time is always better!! Phhh yeah.
22-03-2015 , 13:30

Advancetown Hotel

We haven't paid $200 nor have we passed go, but the bad boys of bluegrass are advancing to Advancetown anyway and damn the consequences. Sunday arvo in the GC