Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
28-11-2015 , 20:00

South Tweed Sports -

This was huge last time...can't wait for this one. We'll be supported by the astounding Ladywriter, two young women that will amke your heart melt. Gonna be great.


12-12-2015 , 08:00 PM

Cabarita Sports Club

Cabarita Beach

In the shadow of the mysterious mountain where the legend began it's a home gig just before the festive season- expect it to be seasonally festive and full of fruity fun as summer gets into full swing. Good chance the boys will be wearing mankinis for this one.

Support will be with Matt Gordo and Paul Devonshire who will keep you all on your toes with some music tirvia in the style of Rockwiz...should be a great, fun night.


22-01-2016 , 20:00

Toyota Fanzone - Tamworth Peel Street

Friday night, last weekend of the festival, there'll be dancing in a packed Peel Street. Can't wait.
22-01-2016 , 13:30

Tamworth CMF - The Albert - Main Stage

It's hot and sweaty and it'll be one of those glorious afternoons of mayhem and it
23-01-2016 , 13:00

Toyota Park- Main Stage

It'll be hot and sweaty, so bring a brolly and a hat and marvel at the big boom boom of the biggest stage at Tamworth as your favourite purveyors of Celtabillypunkrootsfolkgrass make a big noise in the park
23-01-2016 , 17:30

Tamworth CMF - The Albert - Main Stage

The sun will be going down, the drink will be flowing, the RMG faithful will be in full flight as we stomp through another set of magical mayhem. Better get carb loading- it'll be a workout.
24-01-2016 , 16:00

Hotel Brunswick

Brunswick Heads
It's the last weekend of the school summer holidays and to make everyone feel better about work next week the Brunz have employed their favourite feel good band to ease everyone back into it. Always a hoot. Will the hockey team return...we hope so!
06-03-2016 , 16:30

Beach Hotel- Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Growing up in Liverpool Banjovi never did any gigs to Brazillians in bikini's but in Byron, it's a sealed deal. Party time on the N Coast of NSW.

It's gotta be one of the coolest venues on the planet...with one of the coolest bands!!! Boogie on down.