Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
11-06-2016 , TBC

Ballina Coastal Country Music Festival - Cherry Street Stage


Beautiful time of year in the Northern Rivers to have a festival. Great to see it's back. Details to come

12-06-2016 , TBC

Ballina CMF

18-06-2016 , 12:00

Broadbeach CMF- Main Stage

It's the mainstage...on a Saturday'll be mayhem as shoppers cast away their heavy shopping bags to dance in an exuberant fashion with complete strangers...yippee yi oh. 
19-06-2016 , 14:25

Broadbeach CMF- Mall Stage

Broadbeach - Gold Coast
Last day of the festival, last band on the Mall Stage - it'll be magic. Is there any chance of us doing a cruisey Sunday afternoon slimmed down show...don't be ridiculous! There's a very good chance we'll be joined by the awesomely fantastoic Harmony James...YEewW