Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
03-07-2015 , 8pm

Hats Off to Tamworth CMF - The Albert

Back at our favourite Tamworth stomping ground for a winter's the Albert. What more can you say.
04-07-2015 , 20:00

Hats Off to Tamworth CMF - The Albert

Our last Yee-Haa at Tamworth until next year. The Albert...oh lordy me!
12-07-2015 , 16:00

Hotel Brunswick

Brunswick Heads
Back at Brunz for a lazy, crazy Sunday afternoon, no doubt ably abetted by some up and coming, ultra talented, suoerstar groms, yet to be named.
09-08-2015 , 12:00 onwards

Redlands Bay Hotel

This will be our first time out in Redlands...playing with the rather fantastic Victoria Avenue. Will be awesome.
22-08-2015 , -

The Village Festival

We'll be full of coconut milky Pina Colada's and mangos as we spill onto stage to play our last show at the tropical VF. Love this festival despite Banjovis argument with a falling coconut a couple of years ago. Good chance of finding us at the acoustic session before we head home.
23-08-2015 , -

The Village Festival

We're in the air again and off to Rocky with a short road transfer to this beautiful little coastal town and a stack of other talented musicians will join us for a magnificent weekend of music and art in this stunning tropical setting.
04-10-2015 , 14:00

Murwillumbah Country Roots Festival - Shed Stage

This is the first Country Roots Festival in Murwillumbah and for a first attempt they've put together a stunning line-up of slightly left of centre country. There's some hidden gems in here.

It's the place where RMG were born (Rabbit and Willy B) and work (Brooker and Rex and Banjovi). We have a lot of affinity with the town and with many of the artists that are playing...It's gonna be great!