Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
01-05-2016 , 16:00

Hotel Brunswick

Brunswick Heads
It's May, not a distress call but a day to get your Maypole out, put jangly bells round yer knees and dance whilst waving a hanky at your partner and hitting them with a stick...or... you can go to Brunz for a lazy, crazy Sunday afternoon, where RMG will no doubt be ably abetted by some up and coming, ultra talented, suoerstar groms, yet to be named.
21-05-2016 , tbc

The NightQuarter

It's looking like one of the coolest hangouts on the GC and we're looking to make it even cooler with our first visit up there. Looks like a great set-up and we can't wait!!
28-05-2016 , 19:30


Tweed Heads
It was bigger than Willy's pants last time!!! Could it be even more expanded this time round...reckon it might be. Boogie on down then Giddy (on) Up.  Stunning.
11-06-2016 , TBC

Ballina Coastal Country Music Festival - Cherry Street Stage


Beautiful time of year in the Northern Rivers to have a festival. Great to see it's back. Details to come

12-06-2016 , TBC

Ballina CMF

18-06-2016 , 12:00

Broadbeach CMF- Main Stage

It's the mainstage...on a Saturday'll be mayhem as shoppers cast away their heavy shopping bags to dance in an exuberant fashion with complete strangers...yippee yi oh. 
19-06-2016 , 15:40

Broadbeach CMF- Mall Stage

Last day of the festival, last band on the Mall Stage - it'll be magic. Is there any chance of us doing a cruisey Sunday afternoon slimmed down show...don't be ridiculous!