Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Live Gigs
19-04-2014 , tbc

National Folk Festival- Canberra

Details to follow
20-04-2014 , tbc

National Folk Festival- Canberra

This is our last performance before jumping on a Big Ol Jet Airliner and heading back to appear at Bluesfest. Rock n Roll.
21-04-2014 , 1:30pm

Bluesfest 2014- Delta Stage

Tyagarah Tea Farm
We'll be jet-lagged but elated having flown back from The National Folk Festival in Canberra. A good nights sleep in our own beds will energise us to do extraordinary things at our local iconic festival. Love it!! can't wait.
03-05-2014 , -

Wintermoon Festival

Nr Mackay, QLD
This is probably one of the coolest little festivals you'll find. That's why we're going back. Friendly, friendly people and a great line-up. Love it!!! there.
04-05-2014 , -

Wintermoon Festival's cool.
11-05-2014 , 16:00

Hotel Brunswick

Who will play with us this time...there's always a surprise in store.
15-05-2014 , -

Mod Barista- Sam Ford benefit

Cabarita Beach
Sam is a young Cabarita boy who was king hit suffered brain damage whilst on a night out in Coolangatta with his girlfriend. His parents are trying to raise money to enable him to attend therapy courses to hopefully get him walking again. He has power in his legs but at present has no balance. Get down there and have a fun night whilst supporting this ultra-worthy course. 
17-05-2014 , -

Southport Sharks

It's been a while but we're back- Yeee HAAAA
25-05-2014 , 13:30

Advancetown Pub

We haven't paid $200 nor have we passed go, but the bad boys of bluegrass are advancing to Advancetown anyway and damn the consequences. Sunday arvo in the GC
07-06-2014 , tbc

Redlands Folk Festival

Details to follow
12-07-2014 , -

South Tweed Bowlo

First time here and we'll have a few friends to help us's a great room for live music. Come on down.


20-07-2014 , 15:00

Bond University

It's about time we went back to highre edcashun to learn how to reed and write proper so we're going to Bond Uni for a crash course in fun and shennaigans.
06-09-2014 , -


Details to follow
20-09-2014 , -

Nerang Folk and Bluegrass Festival

231 Beaudesert Nerang Rd
Us, John Schumann, Wes Carr, Leaping Lizards. Hat Fitz and Cara...and more...and it's all free!!!...are these blokes bonkers or what??? Why wouldn't you go??? It's a great venue as well.
10-10-2014 , 21:30

Twin Towns

Tweed Heads
Friday night at know it makes sense....Go it.
11-10-2014 , 09:00 PM

Twin Towns

Tweed Heads
Mad Saturday night in Breezes. Lots and lots of fun for all the family!
12-10-2014 , 09:00 PM

Twin Towns

Tweed Heads
Finish the weekend with a foot-stompin' riot
18-10-2014 , 08:00 PM

Cabarita Sports club

Cabarita Beach

Can it possibly be as huge as last time the girl boy things played in their home town...well yes, very possibly. Should be a riot.