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Meet The Round Mountain Girls

Rabbit Robinson

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Rabbit Robinson was born in Murwillumbah, Australia in 1963 in the shadow of the mountain that shadows Round Mountain, which he feels, is significant. In 1970, Rolf Harris and the Queensland Youth Orchestra supported him on a European tour. At the age of 17 he had played some of the most stunning concert halls and cathedrals throughout Britain, Germany and Italy. Europe touched him. Thankfully, Rolf didn't.

He finished school and started touring the pub and club circuit in Australia with western swing groups "Down South" & "The Bumpkin Bros". Countless violin recording sessions followed as his reputation grew during the 7 years he was based in Sydney. Work with the likes of Digger Revel, Lee Conway, Jimmy Barns, Venetia Fields, Leapin' Lizards and Jack Thompson cemented his standing. Somehow, he also found time to establish "POTENT PRODUCTIONS" which specialises in concert & video production.

It was not long though, before he felt the draw of the mysterious Round Mountain. Failing to take heed of the message from the mountain of which he had been born in the shadow of… "Mount WARNING" he moved back to the area of his birth and started a sister business, "POTENT PARTIES". The RMG doctrine requires that every member specialise in a field outside of music. Partying is a particular passion of his so it seemed only natural that he should combine business with pleasure.

Apart from his hair, no part of him is actually a real girl.


Saw you guys at arts centre…never heard of you…but I do now, I’m a groupie forever…ill be following you…just loved it…good n you guys…

blurb of: Trish bucknell

So glad you were untouched by Rolf and that obviously made you the magnificento muso that you are and that I always love to see and hear! yaaayyyy!!!

blurb of: Barb

Saw you at Broadbeach, loved the music and your style … come to Adelaide soon … we’ll be spreading the word.

blurb of: Dianne G

Saw you guys play at the Nerang Folk Festival yesterday, awesome! Have never seen the fiddle played like that, what a master, you swept us away, loved every second, thankyou.

blurb of: Jenny

What I love about you guys is that you are totally surprising. I saw you at the Brunz. I know of no other band in the world you includes Pachebel, Arabic, djembe and BTO in the one gig. It was delightful.

blurb of: Hamad

What another great night of music & kicking up our heels at Graeme’s annual Muster Party last Saturday night. Rabbit, I meant to ask if you have ever heard of Paul Siebel? He was an amazing musician from the 70s who only released a couple of albums “Woodsmoke & Oranges’ & ‘Jacknife Gypsy’ with classic tracks like ‘Made me lose my blues’, ‘Pinto Pony’ & the haunting ‘Louise’. Certainly worth a listen. Thanks again for a fantastic night & good luck with baby number 7!

blurb of: Angela Keith

We were staying at Twin Towns and by accident breezed into Breezes Bar and there you guys were!!!!!!!!!
We were “blown away”, thankyou soooooo much for the fabulous entertainment, we`re immediate fans!!!!!! We will follow you with INTEREST.

blurb of: Chris

We had the pleasure of seeing you perform at Emerald . Just loved the band. Awesome

blurb of: Suzie Nichols

You guys are AMAZING! Congratulations Rabbit on your win at Tamworth. Love ya stuff!

blurb of: dianne wilkinson
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