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Meet The Round Mountain Girls

Chris Willoughby

Willy 1CW blue

Chris 'Willy Bee' grew up in Kingscliff northern N.S.W. The date is lost in time as hospitals were still to be introduced into Australia. His age is therefore a mystery. As a teenager, he and his like - minded friends formed a band, playing at school socials and anywhere else they could. It was there that he got the bug.

After leaving school he and his mates decided to rent a house together so as they could play music. By a stroke of luck they found a barely habitable shack in a place called Round Mountain. There weren't many girls at the time, or luxuries, but the boys did have their guitars.

They formed a band called Mirkwood, one of only a few totally original bands on the north coast at the time. They were awarded "best original band" at the Dolphin Awards which has gone onto recognise the best in local talents. The band moved to Sydney where they rubbed shoulders on the same circuit with the likes of Mat Finish, Richard Clapton and Canned Heat.

Moving back to the north coast Chris found a perfect niche living in the hills along side Round Mountain. After a particularly confusing night involving  a packet of Panadol, a koala and 18 Tequila slammers he woke up wearing only his socks and a bandana, tied and gagged to a huge eucalyptus at the top of the mountain track. Bizarrely, it was there that he found his musical calling.

Chris Willoughby is not a girl, but he does live with two real ones.

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