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Meet The Round Mountain Girls

Chris Eaton

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Chris Eaton  (aka Banjovi) was born in Liverpool, England in 1963 at about the same time as the Beatles, which he feels, is significant.

He played guitar and sang on the Liverpool pub and club circuit well before he was old enough to legally be in them, and after 5 years working in an office, packed it in to become a professional musician. He played all over Europe in various outfits until settling down in Devon in the mid 1980s. It was here that he had his most creative period to date, firstly with rock-poppers "Eaten Alive" and then with the much more earthy three piece, "The Ex-Presidents". Both bands received extensive airtime on local and national BBC radio and recorded live sessions which went to air in the mid 90's.

A brief stint in Australia saw him disappear from the public eye, only to re-appear in a bowling club car park in Northern New South Wales playing a banjo with what was to become "The Round Mountain Girls".

He now lives in the shadow of the mountain, the only one in the band brave enough to do so.
He is not a real girl.

Banjovi endorses Deering banjos and plays a Deering 5 String Maple Blossom. 


I just watched you guys play at the Gold Coast Accoustic Festival.
Absolutely awesome , I’m in love Thanks Sammie...we love you too RMG xxx

blurb of: Sammie

Just caught your show tonight at Broadbeach Country music festival, fantastic good time had by all

blurb of: pat lloyd

Hi guys,robyn and little cousin tracy.tamw was great but r u goin 2 b at cooly rock.would love when r u coming to melb

blurb of: robyn vaughan

Hey Chris-Just stumbled across RMG on ITunes -thrilled to see what you are doing. We were colleagues in 2007 and was lucky enough to see you play at Brunswick Heads. Come to Hong Kong!-big expat crowd would love you. Best wishes

blurb of: Jackie Byrne

Hi crusty! Just been listening to white rum, you burned it for us 5 yrs ago on our flying visit. Ellie still loves it. Big love to everyone and look after C D & B for us xxxx

blurb of: Katy and ellie

Gday Chris,
Hope you get back home to that round mountain ok.
great shows,lucky to catch you a few times in Tamworth CMF.Best band of the 10 days… great to meet you.
shawn & julie

blurb of: shawn

hi i saw u guys last nite at the beerwah pub and bought ure cds…u guys are awesome.i first saw u down at cooly rocks so when i heard u were coming up this way i had to see u again…love ure music ..folk on!!!!!!!

blurb of: Margaret Gaffney

you rocked tonight at Beerwah Chris, one very telented man…

blurb of: Toni

Hi Chris,
It was good to see you again in Lismore. First time I saw you guys rocking @ the Southpot Workers club, I went home and raved about the Band.
Can’t wait to see you play again. Your Hot on stage Chris. Your a great team and light the night up for me everytime.
Emma Rosenbeg

blurb of: Emma Rosenberg

Chris was my PE teacher for 5 years. He was brave enough to take me and many other 14 year olds camping in 1995. I still remember him performing “Flush the Magic Toilet”. That should be your next b-side!

blurb of: Tom Norman
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