Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Round Mountain Girls News and Happenings

RMG News

Bond University - ADCO Amphitheatre - Sun 20th July
RMG Announced in Final Bluesfest Line-Up
Coming to see one of our gigs soon??
Merry Christmas To All Our Mountaineers... and Our Favourtite Horse!
RMG Become Disorientated in Brisbane and Find Themselves on the Set of AGT
The Watch - Video Release
RMG to Play Bluesfest – The Most Prestigious Line-Up… Ever!
Walk Like An Egyptian- Video Release
GUPTA TO THE RESCUE AGAIN- this time it's Yeppoon.
Round Mountain Girls Play to Completely Empty Tent Following Naked Shenanigans at World Famous Festival
Sydney and Newcastle dates at last!!! Manly and Dudley in June
Shock News- Brad Hails Missing, Suspected Abduction by Hot Mountain Chicks
RMG In Deep Doo Doo Over Weather and Backstage Brawl
Port-a-loos Dominated as Round Mountain Girls Rock Sawtell Chilli Fest
Club Explodes Due to Excessive Punter Overload
RMG Involved in Daring Raid to Liberate #1 Fan
Flaming Festival Fever Fears
The OMG, it's RMG Launch...FIRE!!!!
OMG it's the RMG Album Launch
Mountain Girls Cause Chaos Wherever They Go. Drummer Loses Pants and Ex-Hospital Worker Saves the Day...Again!!!
Ex Hospital Worker Saves Rmg Bass Player from Almost Certain Death!!!!!
Powderfinger, Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly, Ash Grunwald to Support Rmg at Caloundra Music Festival
Neurum Creek Is On
One-Off Newcastle Gig
Bluesfest Koala Named in Honour of Round Mountain Girls
Golden Fiddle Door Shuts As Bluesfest Door Opens.
Woodford Duck Beaten to Death With Round Mountain Shovel

Round Mountain Girls Play to Completely Empty Tent Following Naked Shenanigans at World Famous Festival

Bluesfest Crossroads soundcheck

Inspired by The Mason Rack Bands' performance at Bluesfest when they stripped naked at the end of their show, Rexona Cartier, drummer with RMG, convinced the band to do the same thing during one of their performances at the iconic festival. Cartier added a twist though, suggesting that RMG should ‘reveal all' at the start of their show. Unfortunately RMG are several years (and kilos) ahead of their buff Gold Coast counterparts and only succeeded in completely emptying the 11,000 capacity tent, a feat never achieved by any other band in the history of the festival.  

Cartier later denied he had recommended the stunt to the rest of the band, stating that he had shouted, "Let's get it on!" just before they took to the stage. The other band members maintain that he shouted "Let's get it off!" which was all the encouragement they needed.  Cartier said that as they ran on, he was shocked to see Rabbit drop his pants, Willy Bee throw his shirt into the audience and Brooker find a new place to hang his hat. Banjovi, being deaf as a post, remained fully clothed throughout.

The bickering is still continuing, although Brooker has been offered a modelling contract by Readers Mandolin Husbands Weekly and is considering leaving the band to follow this new career opportunity.

Up-coming gigs

The "Cover Girls" tour starts in earnest in May. We've had a big break after Bluesfest and now it's time to get stuck into a bit of travelling.

Sydney and Newcastle- we have two shows down south in June.

29th June - The Manly Fig- Sydney

30th June- Dudley Behind Closed Doors- Newcastle


Both shows have limited tickets and Dudley Behind Closed Doors is strictly limited to 115 bodies. It's a great opportunity to get close-up and personal and we can't wait to get back there. It' s the most fun you can have with yer clothes on.

The Manly Fig has a fantastic reputation with some great acts having gone through there. Get in early if you want to be part of the action.



4/5 May  - The Wintermoon Festival near Mackay

6 May -  Urban Country Music Festival, Caboolture.

Banjovi and Brooker are doing a close-up and personal delivery of their songs at The Songwriters Cafe, before hitting the main stage with the rest of the band for a one hour performance.

12 May - c.Ex Coffs

13 May-  Brunswick Heads Hotel -Mothers Day...get there early

18 May- Beach Hotel - Byron Bay

25 May- Sharks, Southport

26 May- Casino RSM - beef week


1 June - Ballina RSL

2 June - Cabarita Sports

29 June- Manly Fig

30 June - Dudley Behind Closed Doors


Gupta has been getting a lot of fan mail after Bluesfest printed his Spicy Pumpkin Soup recipe in their official programme. His fans now outnumber the bands'. We're trying to convince Willy Bee to include a monthly recipe in the newsletter. Let us know what you think.