Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Good luck with the album launch Chris (E), and the rest of the guys. Really must try and get to see you play one day, hoping to get out next year.

blurb of: Uncle Bignose

go girls very proud of you chris

I'm a fan you must go in for Australia's got Talent

blurb of: cathy banks

I love your CD. You guys are da bomb!

When's the next one coming out?:grin:

Hi Cheryl,

we're in the process now of editing a video and plan to record in June. Catch ya then.

blurb of: Cheryl & John

Hey guys..Dudley is going to blow your mind.... is in Australia.. somewhere???..sssshhhh... is our secret!!.. You gotta go to the beach!... sunrise is good!!... build a fire... BUT.... you gotta wear striped pants!!! LOL xx.... eeewwwww can't wait!!

blurb of: Anne-Marie

From just whats on your home page I can't wait to see this crew live I hope you come south real soon :music: and I mean real bloody soon

Cheers Bob :beer:

blurb of: Bob Paterson

Just love sitting back on a Sunday arvo listening to you at Bruns pub!!

blurb of: Debbie

Loved you at Bluesfest. Hope to catch another of your performances next time I'm up your way.

blurb of: Jan

great gig at bluesfest!

blurb of: David

Loved the gig at the Bruns on Sunday hope to catch you guys? soon

blurb of: John and Kathy

Hey ,i saw you guys at BluesFest,brilliant,i notice you are nearly local to me. When will you be playin around the Lismore area ,gotta get my wife to see you.good work.

blurb of: Russ