Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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came to your tamworth gig at the locomotive hotel do yous ever think you will come down to taree or forster it was a really great night and i wasnt even drinking

blurb of: karren

You gugs were once again our highlight at tamworth.impy and last night loco rocked.keep the smiles on your faces as youdid for us be safe.

blurb of: robyn and little cousin tracy

Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow night at the Albert. Thanks for coming to Tamworth – best show around.

blurb of: Annie

i was a Round Mountain Girls virgin!!after your show at Brunswick Heads,i know i`ll definitely want more!!great dancing fun!!thankyou Round Mountain Girls

blurb of: Alison Reid

Glad you’re coming to Bris Vegas as don’t have to travel to Gympie or Tamworth to catch your great act. See you tonight. Yee ha

blurb of: Denise Causevic

I’m so glad it rained at the caravan and camping show in Lismore on Saturday……. Whilst taking cover we had the opportunity to see and hear you. I tapped my feet and smiled a lot! Thank you for an absolutely awesome performance. I chased Barry down and bought your CDs and today has been so cruisey with your music keeping me going. I still have goosebumps from the magic fiddle!!

blurb of: Chrissy

Hi Guys, saw you at Dudley for the first time,my friend Yvonne invited me.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play down this way again soon, have not stopped playing your CD,but you guys live are insane!!!

Thanks Belinda for your comments. Glad Yvonne made you come to the show. Always nice to make new friends...hope to be down there again sooner, rather than later. Love Banjovi x
blurb of: Belinda Murphie

Great night at Dudley took friends who had never seen or heard of you before they all bought all your music and are hooked like us thanks so much please come back this way soon best night ever

Thanks Sharon, You guys were great fun and really helped us kick the night off. Hope it won't be so long between drinks next time.
blurb of: Sharon

Hey Girls! Who’d have thought…entertained by you once again at Dudley! What an awesome night! Thank you so much!!! I was still pumped when I got home and couldn’t sleep. Please come back down this way again. I’d hate to have to go another 2 years before seeing you again!! Cheers, Yvonne.

Thanks Yvonne, we promise we'll try and be back down that way sooner...promise.
blurb of: Yvonne Druery

Think I can claim ‘groupie’ status after now being to 4 RMG gigs. Looking forward to Tamworth 2013. I might even invest in a t-shirt but worried people may think it refers to the wearer :) you well know the T-shirts make you look exceptionally hot..even more than normal so wear them with care. You can also enter our T-shirt competition for the most unusual place to be spotted wearing one. We need photographic evidence of course. Love Banjovi xxx
blurb of: Narelle