Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Best folk band in my opinion!

blurb of: Arts Fantasy

See you guys at the Casino RSM last night you guys rock.

blurb of: Lindsay Armfield

Former student of Chris Eaton. Great to see he is doing well for himself, keep up the good work!

blurb of: Chris

great show Ballina sunday – even with a flasher! Thank you for making and sharing such fantastic music.

blurb of: Liz

Fantastic night at lizottes newcastle thanks guys please come back soon

blurb of: Sharon

Saw you again and had a dance at the Rissole club last Friday. Hope to catch you at Brunnie where the volume can be turned up. Mobile lover – fastastic song . cheers Middle Pocket

blurb of: middle pocket

Hey guys, it was great to catch you at the Goodna RSL last night, you made our Mum’s birthday. You guys are AMAZING at what you do, thanks for making the time for a chat and for signing your catalogue of CDs for us! Looking forward to the next gig just over the border from the GC real soon!! :-D <3

blurb of: Angela

Heard you on 98.9 on Friday and was blown away. I just purchased your whole back catalogue from cdbaby :) Your live show must be amazing!

blurb of: Eric

Loved seeing both performances at the Folk and Bluegrass Festival this weekend. I’m from Tennessee, so hearing banjo, fiddle, mandolin…makes me feel right at home. Great combination of rock songs with bluegrass instrumentation. I’ll be a fan.

blurb of: Ann O'Brien

I see you played at Casino Beef Week last year and am wondering if you’ll be there again this year, by any lucky chance? Fingers are crossed

blurb of: Jenn P