Getting There is Only Half Way Back - Round Mountain Girls

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Quite frankly, I dont recognize ANY of you with your clothes ON!
You all certainly give “Concert Pitch” and “cresendo”, an entirely new meaning. Thanks for the legato at the end.
Off for a smoke.CHEERS>

Thanks for that Andrea...we once emptied the Bluesfest Crossroads Tent when we took our clothes'll have to trawl back through the newsletters I'm afraid, Love RMG x
blurb of: Andy Kothe

Saw you today at Broadbeach Country Music Festival in the pouring rain. You were all totally AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you again at your next gig. Thank you for a fantastic performance. Can’t wait to hear your next album.

blurb of: Catherine

Thanks for a very entertaining night at Kingscliff tonight guys.I had a great time and thanks for signing my cd too! Catch you at another gig soon!xxx

blurb of: Maggie Gee

Downloaded Constant Rhythm. As with everything you guys do it is bloody brilliant! Great harmonies Banjovi. If it wasn’t free we’d have happily bought it. Kermie and Rita

blurb of: Kermie

Love you Girls. See you in Caba

blurb of: Tracey

Hey Guys. Can’t wait for Tewantin. Been having withdrawal symptoms waiting for this weekend lol. Cheers Guys.

blurb of: Debbie Thompson

Hi there RMG! Had a blast at your gig at the Brunny Pub last Sunday 27th. Wore my RMG TShirt with pride and danced to my heart’s content with some ladies from Burpengary and 2 ladies from Jimboomba! Hey we travel far and wide to see you guys. Just can’t get enough of your music! Till we meet again Adios Amigos xxx

blurb of: Barb Buckley

Had the best night at the Brunz Sept27. Judging by the t-shirts in the crowd, your fan base is certainly growing. The netball team is going to be big. Get well soon Rex. Get on with the video Rabbit as we are in it!! Cheers Guys xx

blurb of: Party Hard Club

What to do on bank hol Sat night.

I know, google my ex’s bro – Chris Eaton.

Loving reading the reviews. Know first hand what a brill musician he is. and what a brill teacher he was over here in Devon.

Have always wanted to visit OZ… day.

Best wishes, love to the family.

Yeah, I’ve has a drink….Zilzie Viognier. Luvverley!


blurb of: Denise Davies

Absolutely love them saw them at redfest and today will see them at the redland bay pub cant wait!!!!!!!

blurb of: lyn